Jonathan Adler Rainbow Hand 750 Piece Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle


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750 PIECE PUZZLE: The 750-piece colorful jigsaw puzzle is just the right level of challenge for a few days of activity. The unique puzzle has foil-stamped pieces and makes a great gift.

SHAPED PUZZLE: This flawless fit jigsaw puzzle features Adler’s signature open palm with a rainbow spilling out pattern uniquely die-cut and contoured to the edges of this vibrant image. The box includes an insert of the full puzzle image.

HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS: Galison uses continuous quality control checks during production to ensure there is virtually no puzzle dust. Each thick and sturdy piece is printed with no glare, non-toxic inks.

STURDY STORAGE BOX: The sturdy 9. 875” x 8. 25” x 2” 2-piece foil stamped drawer storage box features a ribbon pull and is an ideal place to keep pieces safe and free from damage.


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