Local Sticker

Have you seen our local artwork turned into stickers? We collaborated with a 805 sign design to have some beautiful stickers printed that represent our area including farmers market, bubblegum alley and the mission. They are painted by a local artist Kelly Yates and turned into stickers that you can purchase in our store or online to commemorate our beautiful area and some of the sights.

The bubblegum alley one creates a feeling of awe and amazement at the site of a bubble (remember what it was like when you blew your first one?) and also the thousands of people who have stopped by the alley to leave their chewed gum as a way to commemorate their stay in San Luis Obispo-whether it was as a student, vacation, honeymoon or just a day in SLO.

The well symbolizing farmers market shows the value of our loyal farmers and the fresh natural ambiance of SLO and the rolling hills surrounding it. A stroll through downtown, a walk through Montana d’Oro and it brings us back to a simpler time the notion that we have slowed down for a moment and taken a breath.

The cow chewing her cud that is a flower showcases the agricultural significance of our county and the beauty of the wildflowers in the spring. Driving Hiway 1 and seeing everything from sheep, cows and seals to zebras just off the road shows the quaintness of the county and the simplistic times that our county represents.

The Mission is a symbol of our history and the many people who have come to worship, vacation, attend school, and live in our county. We are thankful that SLO was founded and has such a rich history.