Stationary Sunday

Here at Hand’s Gallery we celebrate Stationary Sunday! The handwritten letter in this day and age is a message of care. With time speeding up and everything on instant access, writing a hand written letter, taking the time to craft a note, buy a stamp, select a card, travel to mail it sends a message of importance to the recipient and does not go unnoticed. A letter, before it is even opened, says “I care about you” and “you are someone special to me”. By sending a card you are creating an experience on both sides of the send. Stopping in a shop to pick up a card, taking the time to choose one and unplug from everything around you and outside of you so that you can quietly read each one and contemplate the person you are sending it to. The holding of a pen and writing thoughtful words and then the tucking of the card in the envelope and licking it sealed is satisfying and feels productive. The receiver gets the card and immediately feels special and cared for and has something tangible in their hand that they can feel and touch and open. Their senses are engaged by the feel of the crispness of the card and the opening into thoughtful words. It can be displayed on a shelf or tucked in a book and seen over and over again, creating the emotions of value and importance again and again. Cards and stationary are special. We are used to communicating by email and text and we multitask as we do both and glaze over all of it as we jump throughout our day. A letter or card makes us stop and focus and creates a moment we can be present. Stationary Sunday is the day we choose to recognize this special form of communication and encourage our shoppers to write a letter this week to someone special and surprise them!